Product Info

Cryogel® Z

Flexible Cryogenic Insulation for Cold Work

Cryogel® Z cryogenic insulation is used in below-ambient-temperature applications in the oil and gas processing industry (LNG, LPG, ethylene, etc.) and industrial appliances. Cryogel® Z has the lowest k-value of any widely used cryogenic insulation material, reducing thicknesses by 50%-80%. Cryogel® Z’s flexible blanket form, with a factory-applied vapor barrier, is both fast to install and durable, resulting in lower-cost, higher performing designs.

Physical Properties

 Thickness*   0.20 in (5 mm)  0.40 in (10 mm)
 Material Form*   57 in (1,450 mm) wide x

 211 ft (64 m) long rolls
 57 in (1,450 mm) wide x 

 126 ft (38 m) long rolls
 Max. Use Temp.  257ºF (125ºC)
 Color  White
 Density*  10.0 lb/ft³ (0.16 g/cc)
 Hydrophobic  Yes

* Nominal values.


Superior Thermal Performance

Up to five times better thermal performance than competing insulation products

Reduced Thickness and Profile

Equal thermal resistance at a fraction of the thickness

Less Time and Labor to Install

Cryogel® Z insulation is easily cut and conformed to complex shapes, tight curvatures, and spaces with restricted access

Zero Permeability Due to Integral Vapor Barrier

Provides redundant moisture protection in an easy-to-install package

Physically Robust

Soft and flexible but with excellent springback

Shipping and Warehousing Savings

Reduced material volume, high packing density, and low scrap rates can reduce shipping volumes by a factor of five or more compared to rigid, pre-formed insulations

Eliminates Contraction Joints

Because it remains flexible even at cryogenic temperatures, Cryogel® Z cryogenic insulation eliminates the contraction joints used to prevent compressive failure in other insulation materials

Environmentally Safe

Landfill disposable, shot-free, with no respirable fiber content

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